Since 1972, Blue Hen Disposal has worked hard to exceed our customers’ expectations while maintaining fair and competitive prices. We have converted all of our residential routes to automated collection, placed auto tarping mechanisms on roll-off trucks, and upgraded our commercial fleet to ensure dependability. These investments have enabled us to reduce accidents, decrease workers compensation claims, and optimize efficiency.

While we want to maintain affordable costs, the recent inflationary environment has resulted in rising fuels costs that have made it necessary to implement a fuel surcharge at this time. This surcharge helps cover elevated fuel costs which we cannot control.

Effective March 1, 2022, you will see a fuel surcharge on your invoice. The Department of Energy EIA, Weekly Central Atlantic, NO 2 Ultra Low Sulfur Retail Price Chart, Week 4, less $.20, will be used each month to determine the charge.

This is a measure based on the current economic climate, and the fuel surcharge will be removed from your invoice when fuel prices fall below $2.75/gallon.

The fuel price described above will be matched with a corresponding surcharge percentage, which you can find below. The fuel surcharge will remain independent from your current monthly rate and will fluctuate each month to reflect the current market condition.

We regret this necessary action and hope for an improved economic climate. Blue Hen Disposal deeply appreciates your understanding and loyalty during these difficult times.



  • Commercial Fuel Surcharge: 8.19%
  • Roll Off Fuel Surcharge: 4.10%